A Brief Overview Of Mobile Shredding and MSA

Posted by Ray Barry

Carolina Shred offers mobile shredding services for businesses and residential shredding services in Charlotte NC and surrounding area. Many businesses may not want to send their documents to a shredding service and instead, opt to watch their sensitive documents get shredded. Mobile shredding is perfect for this since customers may watch documents go from the document storage containers directly into the shredder. Carolina Shred is part of the Mobile Shredding Association and it MSA certified.

Mobile Shredding Association

The Mobile Shredding Association's purpose is “to promote secure records destruction.” Companies may join the MSA and become certified mobile shredders, which means that those companies have the proper security in place and are compliant in the types of shredders required to shredding highly sensitive documents, hardware and medical documents including x-rays and other films.

Why You Should Choose Mobile Shredding

When you choose our mobile shredding company, our trucks come to you. A manager or owner of the business may walk the documents, hardware and medical records out to our truck, which is in your parking lot, and may watch as those items are destroyed. If you are required by law to see sensitive documents destroyed, mobile shredding allows you to do this.

Our secure trucks use an industrial shredder that allows us to securely shred and dispose of your documents before they even leave your property. Whether you have negotiable documents such as coupons, checks and other items that may be used as cash equivalents, sensitive medical records, legal records or anything else that may not leave your sight, and that you feel better watching it being shredded, we are able to accommodate you. Mobile shredding is also a convenient option – and safer option – than paper shredding with your own equipment.

A Shredding Schedule

When you have a lot of documents that need to be secured and then shredded, Carolina Shred will deliver as many locked bins to your location as you need. Once the bins are filled, contact us to come out and shred the contents of the bins. If you know how often the bins fill up, you could also create a schedule for us to come out, which means you don't have to worry about calling us.

When our truck arrives, you will be able to watch us shred your secure documents, hardware and medical records. Once everything has been shredded, you will receive a certificate of destruction so that you remain in compliance with HIPAA and FACTA laws. Once everything is properly shredded, we take the undecipherable remains to recycling plants for recycling.

Documents and Items That Should Be Shredded

In a nutshell, any personal document that has any identifying information on it should be shredded. Businesses are held to a higher standard when it comes to protecting customer and patient records and documents. Individuals and businesses may have the same types of documents, including boarding passes, receipts, credit reports, prescription labels and sheets, resumes, return labels, medical and dental records, pay stubs and more.

Businesses are also required to shred any legal documents and documents that may have a person's social security number on them such as court records, applications and pay information. All medical records from any medical facility must be shredded after the required time that these facilities must save those records is up.

Furthermore, whether you are an individual or a business, any document with any signature on it should be shredded in a confidential manner. Examples may include medical authorizations and legal documents that were signed to be filed with the court.

Contact Carolina Shred 

Contact our office at Carolina Shred if you need mobile shredding for your residential paper shredding in Charlotte NC.  Also, if you would like to discuss a schedule and lock boxes for all of your secure shredding needs. We will deliver lockboxes and come out to your business to shred your secure documents.