Carolina Shred's Back to Office Checklist

Posted by Ray Barry

 Before hauling all of the documents in, go through them and remove those you are not required to keep. You can have them shredded before hauling those heavy boxes into the office.

If your industry allows you to keep digital records and discard paper records, make sure all of the documents are scanned and in the proper client file, make a backup, then you can get rid of the paper documents. Carolina Shred's truck will come to you to shred unwanted documents, old hard drives, and other digital media that you no longer need.

Back to the Office

Regulations require many industries to keep records for many years, sometimes as long as 10 years. That means that those working from home and find it's time to return to office might have boxes of documents that need to be filed at the office. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, document destruction and hard drive destruction are pertinent to data security and data privacy. Document shredding before you head back to the office means that you significantly reduce the chances of identity theft.

If you used a computer that you no longer need or that is outdated, you should call us about our hard drive shredding services. Even if you try to destroy the hard drive yourself, identity thieves could recover private information from the drive. Using software to wipe the drive is not always safe, either. There are programs out there that can recover "erased" information.

Post Covid-19 Work Cleanup and Preparation

To get ready to go back to the office, take these steps to get your home and work offices ready.

  • Separate documents that need to go to the paper shredding company, Carolina Shred.
  • Set aside any digital media that you no longer need for our hard drive destruction services. We can also shred USB sticks, CDs, DVDs, and other digital media.
  • Contact the office to set up an appointment for our shred truck to come to you.
  • Pack the rest of the documents in labeled boxes to take to the office.
  • Make a list of boxes and the files inside so you can keep track of them as you move from your home office to your work office.
  • Move the documents and file them in your office's locked filing room.

Some states have not fully opened yet and some are just fully opened. If you had Covid or had the vaccine, you should be safe to go back to work. However, there is always the chance that you might contract Covid if you do not have natural immunity. Bringing hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes means that you do not have to rely on others to disinfect your office and restrooms.

If you are an employer, you should have your employees sign a Covid-19 liability waiver and provide plenty of disinfectant wipes in common areas such as break rooms and restrooms.

You might also need to have your employees sign updated documentation or new documents, such as a Covid waiver. Any old documents that you do not need to keep should go into a locked shred box that we can pick up and shred during your next scheduled appointment.

Contact Carolina Shred

Contact Carolina Shred if you need us to shred documents one time from your home or if you need us to help you set up a schedule for regular shredding. When you set up a shredding schedule, we'll provide you with locked shred boxes to keep old documents away from prying eyes until we are scheduled to shred your old records.