Easier Than You Think: Records Storage & Management Solutions

Posted by Ryan Richard

Many industries, including legal, medical and financial industries, are required to keep records for several years – sometimes as long as 10 years. In some cases, your business must keep certain records for over 10 years. These documents take up a lot of space in the office – and may not be completely secure.

Even if you keep your files in a locked file room, unless you have top-of-the-line security for the room, there is a larger chance that someone could break in to steal the files or data in the files. Storing records offsite is a safe option when you use a company that implements records storage management.

New Records Storage and Management in Charlotte

Carolina Shred just launched its records storage and management facility in Charlotte. You’ll be able to track your files and can rest easy knowing that they are safely stored in a facility with high security. You have access to your files whenever you want – you don’t have to sacrifice accessibility to access your files.

In addition to the enhanced security for your records, using a records storage and management facility offers other benefits.

Reduce Costs

You can reduce costs in several ways when you use or records storage facilities at Carolina Shred. Use the extra space in your office for another professional or another exam room, thus increasing your income. You also save the costs of fines and other damages you might pay if someone breaks into your on-site file storage room.

Chain of Custody and Security

All of our employees are vetted and go through security checks. We pick up and deliver your records with our secure vehicles. The vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking and automatic locks. Those who visit our storage facility must provide government-issued identification and sign a confidentiality agreement. Visitors are also escorted by staff members.

We track your documents via an inventory control system and use technology to identify and track your records. Additionally, your record boxes have a permanent location so that they do not get misplaced.

If records have reached the end of their retainment schedule, we can securely transfer them from our storage facility to our secure shred truck to securely shred the records. You will then receive a certificate of destruction for your records.

Regulatory Compliance

Records storage companies are held to high standards because of the amount of confidential information on the premises. We have to abide by federal and state regulations in keeping documents secure, including FACTA and HIPAA.

We are also AAA certified and MSA certified. These certifications are only available to document management companies who meet all of the state and federal regulations.

Contact Carolina Shred

When you want secure document storage solutions with the ability to go straight from storage to the shredder after the retaining period for files ends, contact our office at Carolina Shred to discuss storage options, our shredding process, our document security and other concerns you might have.

We will set up a time to pick up your records for storage and to shred any documents you might already have in our locked shred boxes. You can continue with your current shredding schedule or you can transfer it so that we shred directly from our document storage warehouse.