Benefits Of Hard Drive Destruction: On-site Destruction

Posted by Ray Barry

Shredding documents is an important step in securing your personal data or, if you own a business, your customers' personal data. Shredding hard drives is also a step in protecting personal and confidential data, though most people do not think about shredding hard drives – they just throw the computer away.

Onsite Hard Drive Destruction

Even if you format your computer's hard drive, the data is recoverable. Even some programs that purport to wipe the hard drive don't do a good enough job to protect your personal information, including passwords that you may have stored. You may have also stored other personal information such as tax return information on your computer. And, if you are a business, you more than likely have the personal information many clients on your hard drive.

Our mobile hard drive shredder is portable, fast, clean and quiet. It applies force on the hard drive's platter, thus destroying the data. The machine then crushes the spindle and creates ripples on the platter. In the event that the force did not destroy all of the data, the crushing and rippling procedures ensure that the data is lost forever. Once that has been completed, the hard disk drive is shredded completely.

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Benefits of Hard Drive Destruction

The advantages of hard drive destruction are many. Your secure hard drive stays secure, even when you upgrade or the hard drive crashes if you use a hard drive shredding service. Criminals are easily able to swipe the data from your hard drive, even if you think it's not accessible. And, wiping the data doesn't guarantee that your information is safe. By shredding your hard drive, the data becomes unrecoverable and you won't be held liable for data that fell into the wrong hands.

If you don't properly dispose of customer data and it falls into unscrupulous hands, your business could face high fines. You could lose thousands of dollars because of a security breach. When you use Carolina Shred's secure hard drive shredding, you will receive a certificate of destruction and a guarantee that your customers' data will not fall into the wrong hands.

Instead of trying to learn how to destroy hard drive safely and taking the chance that data may be recoverable, make sure the destruction of electronic data is complete by shredding the hard drive. Additional benefits of hard drive shredding include:

  • Freeing up office space since you won't have to store the hard drives;

  • Your company will be in regulatory compliance, including HIPPA and FACTA regulations; and

  • You are ensured that the data is completely unrecoverable.

To ensure that the data on your secure hard drive stays secure, keep the old drives locked up until the shredding truck comes. If you don't have an account with us and need hard drives shredded, contact our office to set up an appointment so that we may come out to shred old drives.

Have Peace of Mind With Carolina Shred

When you have your documents and old hard drives shredded by Carolina Shred, you can be sure that the data will not fall into the wrong hands. Over 2,100 data breaches happened in 2013 – ensuring that your hard drives are shredded removes the threat of someone accessing that data.

If you do not use a shredding service or if you currently use a shredding service but would like one closer to you, contact Carolina Shred to discuss your shredding needs. We'll help you create a schedule or set up an appointment for a one-time purge of documents, hard drives and other digital media, and medical records, including x-rays.