Commonly Asked Questions About Document Shredding

Posted by Ryan Richard

Before hiring a shredding company, many businesses, particularly those who deal with secure documents, have common questions about document shredding. Carolina Shred handles all documents with the utmost care, ensuring that any confidential information stays confidential and that your documents and other items that require shredding are secure.

Do I Need to Remove Paper Clips, Staples or Binders?

You don not need to remove these items from your documents. Our machines are able to shred through paper clips, staples and binder clips without a problem. However, you should not have extensive amounts of plastic, any x-rays or garbage in the bins. We do shred x-rays, but they must be separated from any paper.

Are You Able to Shred Non-Paper Items?

We can also shred hard drives, CDs, DVDs, other digital storage medium, computers, tapes and x-rays. X-rays must be separated from paper.

Why Should I Hire Carolina Shred If I Shred Everything Myself?

Using a professional shredding company not only saves you money, but your documents are more secure. If you shed your documents, you have to remove paper clips, staples and binder clips. Plus, you are only able to shred a few pages at a time. Our machines shred up to 350 pages at a time.

Furthermore, your shredded documents could be pieced back together if you are using a strip shredder. Our shredders cut the documents into non-uniform pieces. The average particle size is Security Level 2. We combine your documents with other customers' documents so it's nearly impossible to piece any document back together. Than, we bale the shredded documents up into large bales and forward the bales to a paper recycling plant. The shredded documents go through a pulping process and then are made into napkins, toilet paper, paper towels and more.

Do I Need to Store My Documents and Digital Media in Boxes?

No. You may hand everything over to us in bags or even loose. You do not need to separate different types of paper. You only need to ensure that x-rays are separate from paper.

What If My Containers Are Full Before a Scheduled Pickup?

Give us a call and we'll come out within 24 hours to pick up the full containers. If you feel you need more containers because this happens regularly, we will give you additional containers. We could also arrange for additional regular pickup times.

Do You Provide a Certificate of Destruction?

Yes, we will send you a certificate of destruction once your documents or digital media have been destroyed.

We Store Our Records – Why Would We Use a Shredder?

Although you might store records for a period of time, you'll eventually run out of space. Most documents need to be kept for a certain amount of time. After that time expires, you may shred those documents. You could use our services on a weekly, monthly or even a yearly basis.

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