Document Disposal for Accounting Firms

Posted by Ryan Richard

Accounting firms, like many other firms, must get rid of old files responsibly. Because of the nature of the information contained in an accounting firm’s files, the files cannot be thrown in the trash – they must be destroyed so that they cannot be put back together.

Information found in accounting firm documents may include social security numbers, bank account numbers and other information that could make it easy for a criminal to steal a client’s identity. Several laws dictate that different types of firms must keep client files confidential. Since it is not illegal to go trash hunting, it’s easy enough for someone to go through a firm’s trash to pick out documents with the personal information of clients and employees. While it’s illegal to use that information, that has never stopped criminals before. If it is found that a firm did not properly dispose of client information and a client’s identity is stolen, the accounting firm may be held liable for the breach.

Source Document Shredding

It is easy to avoid being charged for a breach or getting your own identity stolen because you didn’t. A company that provides shredding services must follow the same rules you must follow. Carolina Shred provides lockboxes and accounting firm shredding so that your documents remain safe from prying eyes. Whether you prefer our truck to shred documents on your property or would like to deliver documents to us, the shredding job never has to leave your sight.

You are able to watch the locked shred boxes from the time they leave your office as we carry them out to the truck and into the shredder. We will also provide you with a certificate of destruction after we have shredded your documents.

Once your documents have been shredded, they are mixed with other firms’ documents and baled before being sent to a paper recycling plant where they are used to make other paper products. The paper recycling plant must also abide by the same rules and regulations that we must abide by.

Shredding Services

Different types of shredding services are available from Carolina Shred. We offer document shredding services for accounting firms and have years of experience.  If you opt for regularly scheduled services, we will place locked containers in your business. We’ll help you determine when the best time for pickup is based on how fast you fill the boxes. Our employees are bonded and wear uniforms. The containers are transported to our truck by our employees, where they are lifted by hydraulic arms and dumped into the shredder. You will be able to watch this on a video monitor. We will come out daily, weekly or monthly. You will receive a certificate of destruction after your documents have been shredded.

You may also use our services on an on-call basis if you need to purge periodically. And, if on-site shredding is not feasible for you, we will pick up your documents and bring them to our location for shredding. Finally, you may also drop off your documents at our office. The documents will stay locked up until the mobile shredding truck returns, at which time, they will be shredded.

We also provide shredding services for individuals. You may have several boxes of documents that you have been required to save and now no longer need to keep. Or, you may have lost a loved one and need to protect his or her identity. We will come to your home to shred documents you no longer need.

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Contact  Carolina Shred, a document destruction company to discuss your shredding needs. Whether you need documents shredded frequently or even just once every year, we will be able to help you.