Don't Let Your Workplace Documents Be A Security Risk

Posted by Ryan Richard

If you are one of the few companies that still uses paper documents or keeps paper documents, the information contained in them may be at risk. Keeping paper documents without the proper security allows anyone to raid recycling bins or trash cans. And, if employees leave confidential information on their desks, anyone could walk by and take the documents or copy the information.

Office Document Security

While converting to digital is the safest, some documents should be kept in paper format. And, your office may not be ready to convert to digital. Even without going digital, you will still be able to increase security and decrease the chances of confidential information getting into the wrong hands. When you have paper documents, security should be at the top of your list. A stack of client information, especially if it contains social security numbers, is a huge temptation.

Implement a Clean Desk Policy

Make sure all of your employees put files away in locking file cabinets or in a locked file room whenever they are not at their desk to watch over those documents. If your business requires employees to keep files at their desks, each person should have a secure filing cabinet in his or her office.

Keep All Files and Documents Locked Up

If you don't have a lockable file room, be sure your filing cabinets are tamper-proof. Always keep every document in its place under lock and key. And, do not give all employees access to every document. Assign security ratings and assign them to documents. Keep documents of different security ratings in separate cabinets. Employees with low security ratings should not be allowed access to file cabinets that contain documents with a higher rating.

Not only will this keep client information safe, but it also limits your company's sensitive data to select trusted employees. With out security ratings, it's easy for a disgruntled employee to steal company secrets to sell or become your competitor. Keeping these documents held close significantly reduces problems, whether for yourself or your clients.

Locking Recycle Bins

Instead of putting documents you no longer need in an open recycle bin, keep them in a locked recycle bin with a tamper-proof slot. It's too easy for someone to go by and go through your documents, stealing the confidential information of your clients. Once the recycle bin is full, contact Carolina Shred to pick it up to shred the documents. Even the cleaning crew could go through open bins, or those who are charged with dumping smaller boxes of documents into a larger recycle bin. With locked boxes, no one will have access to your sensitive information.

Not Just Any Shredding Company

Another breach in security is the time the documents leave your secure area until the time they reach the shredding facility. When you use Carolina Shred for documents, hard drives, USB drives and other portable media, our cleared employees pick up everything that needs to be shredded. You will be able to follow the chain as your documents move from your business to our truck, and into our shredders.

You may also have our trucks come right to your property and we will shred the documents and storage media on site. And, if you are a medical facility, we are able to shred x-rays. In fact, you may set up a community shredding day in your parking lot. Not only will you benefit by having your documents shredded on site, but you will be helping the community keep their documents and identities safe.

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