Four Reasons To Outsource Your Document Destruction

Posted by Ryan Richard

According to the SBA, Small Businesses employ about half of the nation’s private workforce.

It’s an amazing time to own a small business in the Mid-Atlantic region. There are so many resources and ready-made systems that can help you create and manage a company. A business can contract out many ancillary services and remain focused on its primary objectives.

Concerning your files, consider the volume of documents your business manages in a year. How much of your resources are spent in redundant document managing?

Here are the 4 reasons to shred your documents


Protection from Identity Thieves

Protect your customers and protect your employees sensitive information and prevent identity thieves from recovering confidential information. Shredding services remove the paper trail and reduce employee liability. Toss the privy paper into the box and move on.

Space Saving

Do you have a closet that is filling up with old files? Is that large pile of confidential boxes in a closet the best use of storage? A document console has a footprint of less than two square feet. Document consoles are emptied on a regular bases. The result is no paper piles taking up space in your office.

Reusable Resource!

Follow the paper trail. The employee places the document into the bin. The shredding technician takes the bin of documents to the shred truck and shreds them onsite. The shred truck takes the shredded paper directly to the recycling center. Your company is now a green company.

Saves Money!

When a business outsources their document shredding they save money in the following ways. First, savings in payroll, employees will spend more time on their job, not in redundant paper handling. Second, overhead expenses, premium paper shredders cost a lot of money and never work up to expectation. Shredding companies simply cost less than doing it yourself.

In conclusion, when growing your business, outsource the ancillaries and focus on the primaries. Outsourcing your document destruction is an easy step in business management. Your customers, infrastructure and reputation are your most prized assets. Cover Your Assets and contact Carolina Shred today for shredding services.