How DIY Hard Drive Shredding is Unsecure

Posted by Ryan Richard

When it comes to getting rid of documents and other technology, many people opt to do it themselves without realizing how quickly they are compromising sensitive information. While it is always good to use a firm that specializes in hard drive destruction, it is much better to physically destroy your hard drive instead of using a data wiping program. It’s important to note that physically destroying the hard drive doesn’t mean dropping it on the floor and thinking you’ve damaged it enough to harm the data on it. It takes much more than that.

How to Destroy a Hard Drive: Home Remedies

Hard drive destruction isn’t as difficult as you think, it just takes some work. Consumer hard drive destruction entails destroying the magnetic platter found inside. To do this, you’ll need a T7 screwdriver, hammer and eye protection. Use the screwdriver to remove the screws. This will allow you to remove the main circuit board from the enclosure. If it doesn’t come out, hit the hard drive on each side with the hammer until it opens. Then, slide out the round, silver disc. Once you have access to the disc, you want to damage it as much as you can with the hammer. Once you are done, take all the parts to an electronics recycling center.

How Much Does it Cost to Destroy Hard Drives

Hard drive destruction costs aren’t as expensive as you may think. Although the costs may vary, a firm specializing in hard drive destruction services could cost $70 or more. With data being consistently compromised, making the investment to have peace of mind knowing your information has been properly destroyed may be worth it. Companies that usually handle hard drive destruction include:

  • Local shredding companies
  • Computer recycling companies
  • Hard drive destruction specialists
  • Local computer shops

Even if you wipe, remove or use a drill, you still need to take it to an electronics recycling center to ensure it is properly disposed of. There are laws in place on the disposal of electronics and other technology.

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