How To Choose An Onsite Shredding Company

Posted by Ray Barry

When choosing an onsite shredding company, you should find out several pieces of information. Carolina Shred provides all of the information you need to know to choose an on site document shredding service, including information about shredding services and reasonable prices. After you ask yourself how to choose an onsite shredding company, visit our website to find the answers to your questions.

Secure Onsite Shredding Services

Our trucks are secure and our employees have had background checks. The trucks come to your business to shred documents, digital media and x-rays that you are no longer required to keep. Mobile onsite shredding saves you time and money, and ensures that you have no security leaks. Documents are kept in locked boxes on your premises. As the locked boxes make their way from your storage area to the final process of being shredded, each step is documented. You may also witness the process to ensure that your documents have been shredded, and then you will receive a certificate of destruction. For those who prefer, we also offer off-site document shredding.

Type of Shredding Equipment

Our shredding equipment for onsite document destruction is fully automated. That means that no human hands touch your documents. This is done for maximum security. Our video monitoring systems allow you to watch as your documents, hard drives and x-rays are shredded. The blades in our shredding equipment pierce the paper and then tear it into tiny fibers that are nearly impossible to piece together. Then, the documents are baled with documents from other businesses, making it impossible to piece anything together.

Secure Disposal Containers

The company you choose should provide secure disposal containers. The containers are locked and you are able to deposit whole files into the containers. You do not have to remove sticky notes, paper clips or staples. The documents are locked in the containers and stay locked in until they get dumped into the shredding equipment. You are assured of having confidential onsite paper shredding because of the locked boxes and our state-of-the-art shredding equipment.

Excellent Customer Service

Customer service doesn't mean just answering the phones. Our service representatives help you create a schedule for us to come out and shred your documents. We also set times for those who save their documents until they have enough to call us – we offer shredding on demand for those who do purges, whether those purges are yearly, every six months or other time frames.

Onsite Document Destruction Pricing

Our onsite document destruction services are reasonable and we tell you all pricing right up front. We do not have hidden fees for onsite or offsite document destruction. Although our prices are reasonable, we offer the best in security and will give you a certificate of destruction for everything you shred with Carolina Shred.

What You May Shred

We accept more than documents to shred. Anything that contains personal information, whether it's your information or your clients' personal information is fair game for the shredder. We shred:

You don't even have to separate the documents in the files. You do need to keep x-rays separate, and of course, any hard drives and digital media must be kept separate since these items use different shredding equipment.

Contact Carolina Shred

When you need secure and confidential shredding services, contact Carolina Shred to set up an appointment or to create a schedule for us to come out and pick up or shred your documents onsite. We are also AAA NAID Certified and keep you in regulatory compliance.