How To Dispose of Old Technology

Posted by Ryan Richard

Technology gets old. When it’s time to get rid of those computers and software, where does it go? Most people don’t know what to do with old electronics or technology and keep it around for a long time. Businesses work with companies for electronics disposal or have the old technology sitting in a warehouse until they figure out what to do with it.

Technology recycling

When figuring out what to do with old computers, it’s always a good idea to consult with an electronics recycling or technology recycling pro. They know exactly what needs to be done and are well-equipped to meet your needs. In many cases, hard drives need to be wiped and destroyed, along with other sensitive and personal documents. If you don’t know how to wipe a hard drive, it’s best to leave it to the professionals because information can still be obtained from a hard drive being wiped with over-the-counter software.

It is essential to properly dispose of technology because when placed into a landfill, the chemicals in the technology leak into the soil. It can then pollute the groundwater and air around it. Because electronics are mostly made with raw materials, recycling what you can make sense. Additionally, when technology is recycled, it can be used to create new, improved products. Using a certified e-waste recycler helps the environment and lets you contribute to a great cause.

What to do with old technology

When you’re upgrading your technology, deciding what to do with old technology can be difficult. There are specific rules to follow when you dispose of old technology. A shredding company can give you information on how to dispose of technology you no longer need correctly. In many instances, they have partnerships with organizations that take old technology after shredded hard drives.

Erasing the data on a hard drive is very important, primarily if the technology is recycled or resold. Companies may say they refurbish products, but old information may still be accessed. Don’t make this mistake.

Contact Carolina Shred

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