Recycle That Shredded Paper

Posted by Ryan Richard

The why recycle shredded paper question is easily answered. It’s to safeguard confidential documents and maintain privacy. But, when it comes time to recycle that shredded paper, there are some problems that you need to be aware of. When paper is shredded, the lengths of the individual paper fibers are cut. This can reduce the recycling potential of that fiber. Also, when mixed paper from businesses and households are shredded, that paper gets grabbed by automated screens that get pulled into the reject bin and go off to the landfill. Shredded paper is also difficult to sort from other recyclables.  So, why should you recycle that shredded paper?

Why You Should Recycle That Shredded Paper

Another issue surrounding recycled shredded paper is that some paper mills can’t deal with it. It just produces an inferior quality product. Even small fragments can cause problems with paper mill machinery. Some localities take shredded paper with curbside recycling while others do not. You need to call your local district council to inquire about their policy. Sometimes, localities provide bins for recycled paper, but it needs to be place in a plastic bag to prevent the small paper pieces from falling out of the bin as it’s picked up. . Again, your local district council can provide you with its requirements.

How to Minimize Shredded Paper

The amount of paper can easily be minimized both at home and at work. At home, you can shred only the portions of the document that contain sensitive information. Personal information can be torn off while the rest can be recycled. At businesses, there should be a company policy on what needs to be shredded and what does not. This way, all employees are on the same page. Another way to minimize the amount of paper shredded is to go paperless. Emailing and scanning documents can reduce paper usage and the need to shred. Going digital is a perfect way to minimize shredded paper.

Different Ways to Use Shredded Paper

There are several ways to use shredded paper. And since there are some problems surrounding recycled shredded paper, here’s some tips on other ways to use shredded paper.

  • Composting is an ideal way to get rid of shredded paper, especially for personal information. If you mix parts shredded paper with parts grass clippings, mix well and leave in a bag, covered with some water, you end up with nice fine compost suitable for growing seeds in.
  • If you don’t have a compost bin, just put the shredded paper into a wormery.
  • Use some shredded paper for pet bedding and in litter boxes.
  • Use it as a fire starter.
  • Use it as packing material for sending gifts. It’s ideal for holiday time.
  • Some companies use shredded paper for home insulation.
  • Even use it to make your own paper. Get started with a creative project all on your own.

Contact Carolina Shred To Shred & Recycle You Documents

Carolina Shred offers safe document removal and shredding, including onsite or off-site shredding for businesses. Plus, Carolina Shred will place locked containers in designated areas at businesses for bonded staff to transport into a shredding system as you watch from a video camera. Then, a certificate of destruction is issued. Regularly scheduled service and one time service is available. No job is too small or big to undertake for Carolina Shred.

If you want to recycle that shredded paper, do it yourself, use your local district or hire a professional shredding company. Just be sure to do it right. This way, you can be a green citizen.