What Can I Shred with On-site Document Destruction

Posted by Dustin Rushing

Have you ever wondered whether your shredded documents are being compromised? As a business, protecting the sensitive information of your customers and your proprietary information is key. Having an onsite shredding solution can help alleviate any questions and provide peace of mind. Mobile shredding companies come to you. The company can leave a lock box to house the documents that need to be shredded, and then on shredding day, set up outside so you can have an employee monitor and confirm the documents have been shredded and disposed. How does this work? Mobile shredding trucks are outfitted with the latest technology to keep your records and sensitive documents confidential. Most trucks are locked while the documents are being shredded, but there is a screen on the outside where the employee can see what is happening in real time. From paper documents to hard drives and electronics, a professional firm handles it all.

Business and Residential Mobile Shredding

Businesses have specific reasons for shredding documents, but residential customers have those same needs. There are companies that offer mobile shredding services residential customers can use to keep their information private and confidential. With so many home offices in place, the need for on-demand shredding services continues to grow. There are many reasons why hiring a paper shredding company is the best course of action. First, all the documents can be shredded at one time. Small shredders are not equipped to handle large volumes of paperwork at one time, and they are not designed to shred hard drives or other electronic devices. What should residential customers shred? Everything. With identity theft on the rise, any personal information needs to be shredded, including pre-approved credit card applications, items with your social security number on it, bank statements, voided checks, legal documents, expired licenses, hard drives, and anything electronic that has personal information on it..

Mobile Shredding Saves You Money and Time

Mobile shredding companies are designed to offer safety and convenience. Consider the time it would take to gather the documents to be shredded. Next, consider how long it would take to transport those documents to a facility. Will you be able to see them destroy the documents or is it one that requires you to leave them without knowing whether the job has been done or the information has not been compromised? An onsite solution removes those questions and leaves nothing to chance. When you have an onsite mobile shredding solution, larger quantities can be handled how you need it, when you need it.


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