What Is Onsite Document Shredding: Mobile Shredding

Posted by Ryan Richard

If you have tons of documents to shred, whether you are a business or a residential customer, you need to dispose of those documents in a safe, secure, and environmental friendly way. Destroying old documents helps mitigate stolen information that unscrupulous people may use to steal your identity and benefit off you. For businesses owners, this is very important as you are legally required to keep your customers' information safe and out of the hands of criminals.

Onsite Document Shredding

What is onsite document shredding? In a nutshell, a truck from Carolina Shred visits your home or business. Our technicians, who have been through background checks, carry the boxes of documents out to the mobile shredding truck. You'll be able to watch as we shred your documents, digital media and even medical records such as x-ray films.

Mobile Shredding Benefits

The benefits of mobile shredding are many, including the convenience of not having to haul boxes of documents to our facility. If you shred your own documents, you risk an employee stealing information and the shredders available may not shred those documents as thoroughly as our commercial shredders.

Additionally, you'll save time and money. Mobile shredding is much quicker than having someone stand over the office shredder. We can shred hundreds of pounds of paper in a fraction of the time that it takes for your employee to shred the same documents. You'll also receive verification of the disposal of your documents. In some cases, your profession may require a certificate of destruction. Carolina Shred provides that certification for documents, digital media and medical films. You may also witness your documents being shredded. We follow a strict chain of custody for all documents so that you know sensitive information is not leaking out to those who should not have it.

Finally, we recycle 100 percent of the paper we shred. When you use our mobile shredding services, you can claim that you are environmentally friendly. The shredded documents are compacted into bales, which are then sent to a trusted recycling company who makes new paper products from the confetti we created with your documents.

Legal Compliance

Our mobile shredding professionals benefit you by keeping your business in legal compliance by providing a mobile shredding service for onsite destruction for companies who have documents that are not allowed to leave the premises. Should your company's privacy protection plans ever come into question because of a breach, you'll have proof that you destroyed records in the proper manner. The certificates of destruction for each batch of documents will allow you to show that you had confidential information that was no longer needed properly disposed of.

When you move forward with onsite mobile document shredding provided by an onsite shredding company, you are in compliance with any laws and your own practices and procedures for destroying documents that may not leave the premises. Our technicians go through a rigorous background check. They will carry your boxes of documents out to the truck for shredding and will give you a certificate of destruction. You are also able to watch your documents being shredded.

Mobile Shredding Costs

How much does mobile shredding cost? The cost of mobile shredding varies based on the several factors. If you set up a schedule for us to come out to your business, it depends on how often we come out. Since we also provide locked boxes to store documents that need to be shredded, the price also depends on the number of boxes you use.

Contact Carolina Shred

Contact our shredding service Charlotte NC. Our technicians will help you set up a shredding schedule based on the number of documents you need to be destroyed over a set period of time. We'll also help you estimate the number of locked boxes you need so that sensitive documents are always under lock and key.