Benefits of Mobile Shredding Services: On-site Shredding

Posted by Ryan Richard

When you shred documents yourself, someone with a lot of patience is still able to piece together the documents to gather private information about you or your clients and customers. Mobile shredding trucks cross-cut shredders that make it nearly impossible to piece together documents, plus the shredded documents are bagged and recycled. Instead of taking a chance of becoming an identity theft victim because of stolen documents, find a mobile shredding company near me to shred your documents and old digital media.  Carolina Shred offers mobile onsite shredding services for businesses in the Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.

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How Much Does Mobile Shredding Cost?

Mobile shredding services vary in cost based on several factors, including how often we pick up your documents. To find out how much mobile shredding services residential costs or how much it costs to set up a schedule of times to come out, contact Carolina Shred. When it comes to reasonable shredding services Charlotte NC contacts Carolina Shred.

Benefits of Mobile Shredding Services

The benefits of mobile shredding services, whether for residential customers or commercial customers, are many. Documents that contain even light sensitive information such as your mailing address can give thieves a clue to add to other clues, making it easier to steal your identity. If you, as a resident, do not shred information with your address and an identity thief happens to get hold of information from a business that includes your social security number, it is easier to hurt you financially. Benefits include:

  • The peace of mind knowing that your documents cannot be recovered and pieced back together.

  • You won't have to buy expensive paper shredders, and using a third party mobile shredding company near me saves you time. And, as every business knows, time is money. You won't have to pay an employee to shred just a few documents at a time.

  • The shredded documents are recycled which keeps landfills from filling up and there is no chance of recovering data once the paper has been recycled.

  • Some businesses must follow compliance laws that include confidentially shredding documents.

  • The recycled paper means that fewer trees are needed to produce more paper.

  • You won't have a ton of loose documents hanging around and taking up space. And, if those documents must be kept under lock and key, they won't be taking up room in filing cabinets since we provide locked boxes to store any documents that need to be shredded.

  • If you do not want to use bins, schedule a mobile shredding service to come out more often. We will shred any amount of documents more often so that bins don't take up space in your office.

  • Mobile shredding provides a one time shredding service for residential homes that may have many old documents that need to be disposed of at once, but don't produce documents constantly like an office does. And if an office has a one-time purge because of the length it needs to keep those documents, you do not have to set up a schedule.

Carolina Shred is a AAA NAID Certified veteran owned and operated business servicing North and South Carolina. We are certified because we have the proper security in place and our shredders and mobile shredders are complaint with the types of shredding you need for confidential and secret documents.

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Whether you need to set up a schedule to regularly shred documents or you need us to come out once a year, contact Carolina Shred. Our mobile shredding services will come to your business or your home. Ask us about our different shredding services including having us pick up your documents to take them back to our business for shredding and our mobile services.