Why Mobile Shredding is the Most Beneficial

Posted by Jason McCray

Mobile shredding has many benefits and the most important benefit is that it is nearly impossible for someone to reconstruct a document. With home shredders or those found in small offices, the paper is shredded into strips, which takes a little patience and time to reconstruct. Crosscut shredders create piles of tiny pieces. Those pieces are mixed with others’ documents and then baled before sending to a recycling company.

How Mobile Shredding Works

Shredding documents goes a long way to reducing identity theft as long as the documents are crosscut shred. When you contact Carolina Shred, we help you determine how much shredding you need in a certain time period. We will bring you locked shred boxes to store documents that are waiting for the shredder. When the boxes are full, we come to your business with the mobile document shredding truck.

You are able to watch as our vetted employees transfer the locked boxes from your office to our truck in your parking lot. The bins are dumped directly into the shredder. Once the documents have been shredded, you will get a certificate of destruction. The shredded documents are then baled and transferred to a recycling plant.

What Documents to Mobile Shred

All documents that contain personal information should be set aside for mobile document destruction. These documents include:

  • Tax returns and all schedules and worksheet, W9s, 1099s and other tax-related documents;

  • Pay stubs and other payroll documents;

  • Employee records including the initial application, reviews and other documents in an employee file;

  • Boarding passes and other travel-related documents;

  • Credit reports, including all pages even if subsequent pages do not have a social security number on them and account numbers are partial;

  • Financial records including IRA and 401(k) statements;

  • Documents related to SEC filings, stock trading, business incorporation and other business documents;

  • Bank statements, including all pages even if subsequent pages have partial account numbers;

  • Medical records;

  • Legal documents even if the documents have no identifying information other than a name

  • Receipts, even if they only have a partial credit card number on them—they often have your name on them; and

  • Junk mail with your address on it.

In fact, any document that might have your social security number, phone number, any type of account number and other personal information including your address should go into the mobile paper shredding lock box.

Security and Time

When you use a mobile shredding truck to take care of your shredding needs, you not only save the time of feeding two or three sheets into the shredder at a time, but your confidential information is sure to stay confidential. When you shred documents yourself, you risk leaking information via the person who is shredding. Another risk is that if you are not using a crosscut shredder, the documents could be pieced back together.

Businesses are held to a high standard for customer protection. If a customer’s personal information gets into the wrong hands and that information is traced back to your business, you could be held liable for any damage the identity thief did. Using a mobile shredding service greatly reduces the chance of personal and confidential information getting into the wrong hands. And, you won’t be paying someone to stand for hours at the shredder to go through the many files that you are no longer required to keep.

Contact Carolina Shred

If you have been doing your own document shredding, contact Carolina Shred to discuss setting up a schedule for the mobile shredding truck to come to your business to shred documents with personal and confidential information.