Can Paper Shredding Be Eco-Friendly?

Posted by Ryan Richard

Document shredding is the best way to get rid of any document with personal information, but can paper shredding be eco-friendly? Yes. In fact, it is better for the environment to shred documents you no longer need. The trucks that come out to your business or home are very efficient on gas mileage, plus the collection console use low-emissions materials.

Shredding documents saves on several processes. Other ways that shredding is good for the environment include:

  • Less landfill material;

  • Saving trees since the shredded documents are sent to a recycling plant to be made into new products;

  • Saving water since you don’t need as much to recycle paper as you do to create paper from trees;

  • Saving oil since the process to create more paper products uses less energy;

  • Saving energy by the kilowatt-hour; and

  • Saving air pollutants since the process to create paper out of shredded documents is shorter.

So, not only are you keeping information on those documents secure, you’re helping the planet, too. If you need shredding services for your business contact Carolina Shred to discuss your shredding needs, including scheduling regular pickups and locked shred boxes.

Safe and Secure Paper Shredding

Criminals are always on the lookout to make a dime without hardly lifting a finger. That means that getting personal information is an easy way to steal your identity, and in turn, steal hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars. The best way to avoid someone getting personal information, whether yours or your clients’, is to shred the documents.

However, strip shredders found in small offices or in homes don’t do nearly as good of a job as our eco-friendly shredding machines. Our trucks are easy on the environment and our cross-cut shredders cut documents into tiny squares that are then baled and sent to a recycling plant.

Individuals could shred and recycle their own documents as long as they don’t have too many. However, businesses have boxes that could be filled up — some on a weekly basis, some on a monthly basis.

Once your locked boxes are filled, we’ll come out and pick them up. No hands touch the documents. They are dumped directly into the shredder. Once the shredder is full, the crosscut pieces are then baled and sent to a recycling plant. You’ll receive a certificate of destruction for the documents.

Reasons to Shred with Carolina Shred

Shredding is more secure than storing documents to have them picked up for recycling. Furthermore, the recyclables are manually sorted, which means that someone’s eyes are feasting on all that secure information. No one outside of your business ever touches the documents when you shred them.

Furthermore, when you send documents to be recycled, they may sit in a warehouse for a long time before they are manually sorted. If someone should break into the warehouse, they could get sensitive information from the documents stored there. Once we take your documents from your office, they are shredded immediately. Until then, they are stored in locked storage boxes at your business.

Additionally, if your business must follow compliance laws, you’ll find that our shredding process meets regulatory compliance. Shredding documents offers you peace of mind since you won’t have to worry about what happens to those documents once they leave your secure filing room.

And, to top it all off, shredding is eco-friendly. The shredded documents are baled and sent to an equally secure paper mill.

Contact Carolina Shred

To discuss your shredding needs, contact Carolina Shred today. We’ll help you determine just how often you need us to come out and how many lockboxes you’ll need to handle the amount of shredding you will do on a weekly or monthly basis.