Is Your Company Ready For A Big Data Breach?

Posted by Ray Barry

Now that many companies have an online presence, especially payment gateways online, data breaches are imminent. As software companies come up with software to stop, hackers and spammers find more ways around getting through the information. Keeping your data protected takes a major part of a company's resources. To prepare for data breach, you should take steps to beef up your digital security while at the same time, ensuring that non-digital information is also safe, a knowing the risks and threats of company data.

Prevent Company Data Breach

Often, scammers get non-digital information to make getting into your digital system easier. Help prevent big data breach on your system by ensuring that you shred everything that has a client's information on it or anything that has to do with your computer system if it's written down. You'll even need to shred your old hard disk drives and other digital media that is no longer being used. We have the capability to shred digital media in addition to x-rays and paper mediaHard drive destruction services are offered for companies looking to get rid of unused hard drives, that also contain sensitive information.

Is Your Company Ready for a Data Breach?

A data breach is when confidential, sensitive or other protected data has been stolen. Common data breaches include healthcare information, client and employee information that is identifiable, intellectual property and trade secrets. Prevention of data breach starts not only includes protecting electronic data but also includes physical data. All physical media, whether paper or digital media such as hard drives and USB drives should be shred to prevent data breach.

Causes and Prevention of Data Breach

A hacker may hack into your system or may go through your trash. Either way, the thief is stealing sensitive data. Prevent data breaches by taking steps to protect your data, including password protection, locked shred boxes, updating all software and educating your employees about phishing schemes.

Create an incident response plan and be sure to test it on a regular basis. Ensure that everyone knows how to implement the plan. The plan should also include third-party vendors so that their risk is also managed.

Protect critical assets – data, intellectual property and other business data that is sensitive. This includes digital data and physical data. Shredding physical data after it's no longer useful should be part of your prevention tactics. That data, when not locked in filing cabinets, should be in locked boxes that are ready for the shredder.

Have a team in place in the event that you do suffer a data breach. Finding the professionals to help you with the data breach at the time of the breach gives more time to the hackers to use the stolen data. Your team should be ready to move as soon as you discover the breach.

IT employees should be dedicated to security. A shredding company such as Carolina Shred will provide locked boxes to keep documents and digital media locked up while waiting to be shredded. Update all software on the network and be sure employees understand what phishing is and don't invite trouble by clicking on phishing emails.

Finally, hold training meetings on data breach frequently throughout the year – even as often as every quarter. IT professionals should update you on any new security software or updates. Check shred boxes or decide to have our dedicated team of professionals put you on a schedule to pick up physical data that needs to be shredded.

Discuss any hacking attempts that your IT team noticed. And be sure that employees understand your security policy and are able to implement the incident response plan should you suffer a data breach. Finally, review and test the incident response plan. Update the plan if needed.

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