On-Site Shredding for Businesses

Posted by Ryan Richard

Many businesses have confidential files that must be destroyed daily as those files reach the end of their retention schedule. Shredding these documents with a small office shredder not only takes up employee time but if the shredder is not a cross-cut shredder, it is possible for someone to recreate the documents. Carolina Shred provides locked shredding bins and on site shredding for businesses so that office personnel may dispose of old documents in a safe manner with less cost. Business shredding with Carolina Shred also saves a business money.

On-site shredding, or mobile shredding, has many benefits including the ability to clean out filing cabinets without fear of documents or files getting into the wrong hands, and it is convenient since we come to you. Once the documents go through our cross-cut shredder, they are mixed with other businesses’ documents, baled, and then sent to a recycling plant.

What Is Mobile Shredding?

Businesses that have tons of documents to shred must shred those documents themselves or carry them to a shredding facility. An employee for a large firm might spend a good part of his or her day shredding documents. Instead of paying someone an hourly wage to shred documents, consider professional document shredding. Carolina Shred provides mobile shredding for businesses so that the process is secure and financially viable. Commercial shredding trucks come to your business and shred your confidential documents right in your parking lot. You are able to watch as the bins are taken out to the truck and then shredded.

Our mobile shredder technicians will then give you a certificate of destruction for the bins we empty. Once the locked bins are empty, we return them to your business so that you are able to fill them again. We work with large and small businesses to create a schedule that you think best fits your needs. We might come out weekly for a business that destroys hundreds of files each week, or bi-yearly for smaller businesses that fill a couple bins every six months.

Is Mobile Shredding Secure?

It takes just one piece of confidential information for an identity thief to hack into your life. Many documents have at least two pieces of sensitive information: your address and your phone number. If those documents have account numbers and your social security number, the thief has it made. Mobile shredding services prevent criminals from getting access to confidential and personal documents.

When you use Carolina Shred, we provide locked shred boxes to store files until our shredding services truck is scheduled to come to your business. The locked boxes are transported from your business to our truck, right in your parking lot. The bins are emptied directly into the shredder and then returned to you. Our trained employees not only go through rigorous background checks, but they never touch any of the documents. Even after we feed the documents through our commercial cross-cut shredder, no one touches them. The shredded documents are mixed with other businesses’ documents and then baled and sent to a paper recycling plant.

Contact Carolina Shred

For the best security for your confidential files, contact Carolina Shred to set up a schedule that fits your shredding requirements. Our truck is secure and our employees are trained in the rules and regulations of keeping documents confidential.