Protect Your Businesses Data with Hard Drive Destruction

Posted by Jason McCray

As a business, it is vitally important to protect your information. Any information collected or transferred from using a computer is in jeopardy. Upgrading your computer hardware from time to time is necessary.  There are multiple ways people use to get rid of a hard drive, but that doesn’t mean they are doing enough to get rid of the information.

With so many privacy and data breaches among large companies, it’s easy to think identity thieves aren’t worried about smaller entities. The truth is, these people don’t care about the size of the company. Their only concern is getting the information they can use to cause financial harm.

What Gets Stolen From Hard Drives

Hackers and individuals who specialize in identity theft want nothing more than to infiltrate and gather information to help them gain access to sensitive information. Data security protocols are getting harder to maintain. While many businesses feel that they can use a hard drive wipe to get rid of everything prior to destroying or passing a computer along, this is not enough.

Certain things that can get stolen from hard drives include client information, bank account information, family historical information, contracts, credit card numbers, passwords, and other sensitive information. Compromised information found on hard drives can create tremendous losses that can take years to resolve.

Secure Hard Drive Destruction

Hard drive destruction isn’t always done properly. Working with a company that knows how to destroy hard drives the right way makes a huge difference in safely protecting information or allowing it to become vulnerable to thieves. Shredding a hard drive is one of the best ways to get all the contents of a hard drive. Some people try to do it themselves by using a hammer. What’s important to remember is that any piece of a hard drive recovered is not a good thing.That means all hard drives connected to those systems must be properly destroyed.

Contact Carolina Shred

One of the best things you can do to protect the sensitive data you have is by properly disposing of hard drives the right way. Carolina Shred is a reputable company specializing in shredding hard drives to ensure there are no gaps or slip-ups in getting rid of information. Many businesses don’t realize they are wholly responsible for protecting client data to the best of their ability.


It is important to use a professional team to shred any hard drives you may have. A local company that has provided destruction methods for individuals and businesses of all sizes, teams can be confident in knowing their information will be destroyed using some of the highest standards on the market. For more information, contact an associate today.