Protecting Customers Data with Document Destruction

Posted by Ryan Richard

Whether you are a business or an individual, identity protection is a major concern, especially now that most people have more than one device. However, though you might get many of your confidential documents via the internet, you still have plenty of paper documents. Virus protection, malware fighters, good firewalls, credit monitoring and other programs help to protect your online life. But what protects those physical documents that you have? The best way to keep people from stealing your identity by getting your paper documents is document destruction. This doesn’t mean just throwing them away or shredding them into strips. Thieves can put the strips back together. Instead, have your documents destroyed professionally by Carolina Shred’s cross-cut shredders.

Secure Document Destruction

When you want to protect your customers’ and employees’ personal information, use secure document destruction. We offer secure shredding of documents in our mobile shredding truck – we come right to you. Computer programs can put shredded documents back together, even if they are shredded into thousands of pieces. Secure document destruction has several steps:

  • You put your documents in our locked shred boxes in your secure file room.

  • Wen the shred boxes are full, or when our scheduled appointment time rolls around, we bring our shred truck to your business.

  • The boxes stay locked as we bring them from your office to our truck. They are then dumped into the shredder and mixed with others’ shredded documents.

  • You can watch your documents being shredded on a monitor outside the truck.

  • You then get a certificate of destruction for the documents – and we return the lockboxes to your file room.

After we shred the documents, they are baled with others’ documents and sent to a secure recycling plant to be recycled into other paper products. Because the documents do not leave our possession until they are baled and sent to a secure recycler, identity thieves don’t have a chance to get the documents to piece them together — not even with a computer program.

Drop-Off and Mobile Shredding Available

If you prefer to use off-site shredding instead of on-site shredding, we have drop-off services available. You might choose off-site shredding if you have a few documents every few months or if you need services once or twice a year. Our drop-off shredding is also secure to prevent identity theft. Once you drop your documents off at our office, they are locked up until the truck finishes its run. Then, your documents are put through the shredder and baled and sent to a recycling plant. Once we shred your documents, we’ll mail you a certificate of destruction.

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Preventing identity theft isn’t just important for individuals. Businesses are held to a higher standard for protection of their customers’ and employees’ confidential information. Instead of taking a chance of throwing out old documents, keep them in locked shred boxes from the time they are no longer needed, then let us shred them in a secure truck. We also securely dispose of the documents. Confidential information might include names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, medical information, payroll information, your own bank statements and even documents that have confidential business information, such as secret recipes and other trade secrets. If you are not using a shredding company or if you are not happy with your current shredding company, contact Carolina Shred today.