Time for an Upgrade: How to Dispose of Old Technology

Posted by Jason McCray

Just like people, technology goes through its cycles and gets old. Having the right computer recycling or technology disposal practices in place can save you a few headaches down the line. How many times have offices taken a hard drive program, think they wiped the computer clean and given it to another employee and all the old employee’s information was still there? The same can happen when attempting to wipe hard drives clean.

Dispose of old technology

Have you ever wondered when your technology is considered outdated? It’s not good business practice to get a new computer or program when it first comes out, because computers have a decent life span. When it comes to old technology, think of a computer that’s about 10 to 15 years old and is slow as molasses. If it keeps freezing and you don’t have a virus, chances are it’s about to give. That’s when hard drive recycling is most important, and having a good technology disposal plan in place for your staff is key. Making sure your hard drives and other accessible parts are destroyed the right way will ensure all the data on it remains private. That’s why hard drive destruction is super important in your business.

Computer recycling

Is computer recycling a thing? It sure is. The trick is knowing how to do it properly. There are steps to effective computer disposal. You aren’t supposed to just throw your computer in the trash and keep it moving. In fact, there are laws about throwing electronics in the trash because of the parts and how corrosive they can be. Speaking to a professional team that understands the nuances of technology recycling to give you the right steps to take can save you time and money. There are plenty of places that would be happy to take those old computers off your hands. In a lot of cases, companies don’t really know when their computers are really outdated, so they just keep spending money on upgrades so they can have the latest and greatest. For those organizations who get those “old” computers, it’s definitely a win.

Why would you want to donate your computers and technology instead of destroying them? Well, think about it. If computers aren’t supposed to just be thrown in the trash, that means taking the time to recycle them can help the environment in some way. Before deciding to recycle your old technology, make sure all the batteries are removed, there is no personal or identifying information on the device, and it will be worth it for someone else. Who wants to get a piece of trash that should have actually been destroyed?

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