Why Use Professional Shredding Services

Posted by Ray Barry

Professional shredding services ensure that your documents are cross-cut shred with no possibility of putting them back together to steal confidential information. Carolina Shred has lock boxes that we leave on your premises to hold documents that need to be shredded. The documents stay locked until they are ready for the shredder. Shredding service cost is reasonable and a good insurance policy against identity theft.

Mobile Shredding Services

Our mobile shredding services will come to your business and remove your documents and shred them on site. We provide this option for those who prefer that their documents not leave the premises as whole documents. You are able to watch your documents go straight from the locked holding box and right into the shredder. We are part of the Mobile Shredding Association and are MSA certified.

We also offer mobile shredding service residential for those who have boxes of documents at home that need to be shredded. Our trucks come to you when you choose our mobile professional shredding service. The trucks are secure and feature an industrial shredder.

And, as always, you may see us on “shredding days” at businesses. Call our office to find out when and where our upcoming mobile shredder will be so that you may bring your documents to be shredded for free.

Professional Shredding Services

Carolina Shred, a shredding company, servicing the greater Charlotte NC area, provides professional shredding services for companies with sensitive documents, hard drives and other digital media that needs to be destroyed, medical records and even x-rays.

Simply throwing documents in the trash does not prevent someone from going through them and stealing the confidential information of your clients and customers. Whether we pick up your shredding or you use our mobile shredding company, we ensure your records are destroyed securely so that the information is not recoverable.

Instead of having your employees take the time to shred the documents, save time, money and liability with our shredding service. You won't have to remove staples, straighten up the sheets of paper, worry about disposing of the shredded documents or maintaining a shredder. Simply place the documents in locked boxes and we'll set up a schedule to pick up the boxes or send our mobile unit to shred the documents on your premises. You'll also receive a certificate stating that your documents have been properly shredded and will be discarded in an appropriate manner.

Residential Shredding Service

When your garage, attic or basement is full of boxes of old documents including tax records, medical records and other sensitive personal information, Carolina Shred will come out to your home with our mobile shredding unit to shred all those documents.

Whether you are moving, decide it's time to get rid of some of the older documents or if a loved one has passed and you want to protect his or her identity, our shredding service ensures that your documents are not accessible once they are shredded. Even if you have hard drives, USB drives and other digital media with sensitive information, we are able to shred those.

Contact Carolina Shred

Whether you have a business or a residence, contact Carolina Shred to discuss your shredding needs. If you are a business, we will help you set up a schedule and deliver locked boxes so that you can keep documents that need to be shredded under lock and key. If you are a residential customer, contact us to make an appointment for our mobile shredding truck to come to your residence to shred your documents.